Van deliberately covered with slurry after pub-going driver blocks farm entrance

Van deliberately covered with slurry after pub-going driver blocks farm entrance

Muck-spreaders got their revenge on a van driver who parked his vehicle in front of a farmyard entrance while he went for a pint.

The Transit van was parked ‘badly’ and meant tankers couldn’t enter the farm.

Spreaders say they got in touch with the local pub in a bid to track down the driver – but when they heard nothing back they coated the van in slurry.

A farmer described the incident and said luckily the driver seemed to see the funny side.

The farmer, who did not want to be named, said they’d had a lot of problems with parking and on this occasion it was “obstructive” and meant the tankers couldn’t turn in as the entrance is only around 10ft wide.

“Apparently the lads doing the spreading contacted the pub and warned them but the van owner later claimed he didn’t recognise his own registration number when they called it out,” the farmer said.

“He didn’t realise he was blocking the entrance to the field. He came back to find his van covered. He admitted he was totally in the wrong.

“They hosed his van down and everyone had a laugh.”

The farmer said they went back to the pub and he bought ‘the lads’ a drink, with the incident appearing to have all ended amicably.

A man who tried to stop his pal’s hire car being flipped over by a ‘farmer’.

Police are investigating after video emerged which appeared to show a parked silver Vauxhall hatchback being tossed into the air by a forklift driver in Teesdale, County Durham.

In the footage, a shirtless man, identified as apprentice diamond driller Charlie Burns, 20, flings himself at the car to try and prevent it from being damaged.

He then confronts the forklift driver just as the vehicle, which appears to be blocking a farm entrance, is hoisted onto the machine’s forks and then flipped onto its roof.